Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A special message to Sunbury Commuters for July

Basically the Minister for Public Transport Debacles brought to you by the Coalition Government on the 8 th May is telling all Sunbury commuters to cop it - the announcement by the Minister does not mention express services from Sunbury at all in general we are advised via metliink that "travel times will be extended and there will be significant disruption to rail passengers. Passengers will need to travel on replacement coach services or seek alternative transport."

In other words Mr Mulder is telling us either cop the delays in July or piss off.

Sunbury Electrification Project - slipping

It would appear the new Victorian Minister of Transport is a recycler. We have to remember that this project was initiated by the Victorian ALP back in 2006/2007 commenced with the first sod of turf being turned by then Minister for Transport Martin Paluka as per the media release. The Sunbury Electrification project will electrify the rail line from Watergardens to Sunbury. "This will improve train capacity and reliability in the Sydneham-Sunbury corridor, which is vital to the ongoing viability of Melbourne's broader train network."

Now from the Ministers (Mulder but not of the X-files fame) own media release spinning it as a Coalition initiative like it was all started yesterday under the guise of the regional rail links project. Specifically though The $270 million Sunbury Electrification Project will electrify the rail line from Watergardens to Sunbury and change the way trains on the Sydenham-Sunbury line currently operate. It will allow this line to carry more passengers and run more reliably, which is vital to the ongoing viability of Melbourne's broader train network. Pretty much word for word - the last sentence exactly word for word. No imagination and no initiative. Furthermore "Mr Mulder said that coordinating these works during the July school holidays aimed to reduce future disruption for rail passengers and the community." Ummm I'm not sure about anyone else but funnily enough the rest of us prols do not join Mulder in the Maldives for a winter holiday and actually need to go to work.

One thing the Minister though is not recycling is slippages to completion dates due to the "reviews" by the new government and changes they have implemented, including cost blowouts, ($800million blow propaganda and spin). This morning I was informed that the project will not be completed until mid 2012 at best. The inference being late 2012. We have to ask what has happened? Normal project delays are to be expected and extensions of time processes would have been considered - standard PPP. What has happened the regional rail link start was originally stated as commencing in late 2011 (see FAQs). It should be noted the series of events is the award of the works (as released Sept 2010)is by the Coalition Government, the Brumby Govt costings with contingencies were based on the public consultations and known factors of the time prior to the election of Nov 2011. The RRL go to market with packages, the Victorian Govt coalition rechannel funding previously allocated to say projects like Brighton hey presto "budget blowout" elsewhere

If you reschedule a major project to an earlieer date means there will be consequences namely cost, reprofile and revise the scope means impacts to the cost and time also. The Coalition government have been loudly postulating on the need to cut the project back, funding black holes etc miraculously now the project is $5.2 billion and will take two years longer (meaning longer period of labour costs, project fees) and it appears to have started earlier. However, if the Baillieu Government are going to take ownership of the initiative then they need to take ownership of the impacts to the affected communities and increased costs as a consequence their decisions. We are being subjected to a shocking piece of spin and flim flammery to blame the previous state government as well as federal government. The transparency of this government whom campaigned on that very matter is appalling.

If they can not trusted to implement a timetable or to simply be truthful how can we trust them with major transport infrastructure projects?

Color me!

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JAZZ suits the vacuum tube.Alleyway of KyotoHERMES Coming soongood lookin'clean

Color me!, a set by sato sugar on Flickr.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

by ~Whereismymind3288

Lay down your right to be human.
Put on a dazzling smile so that no one can see your pain. 
You hide it all so well, but underneath your shirt you can still feel the scars.
No one knows what it is like to be you.

Your smile is but one in a billion,
A mask that you wear to ward off the questions.
Your scars are your war paint,
But this is a losing battle.

You are sent to face the demons all alone, though they will never leave your side.
So keep that pretty smile steady,
And don't let one tear drop from those stormy eyes.
Put on your war paint and go out into the world, where your smile makes you just like them.

by `BerylAlexandros

Life's not easy, love's not real
I can't explain the way I feel
Time heals pain but pain is time
Smiles hurt too bad, laughter's a crime
Tears are always there for me
And I could cry myself a sea
Sadness doesn't go away
At least I have anger too today
Life sucks, no different phrasing there
I wish there was a world where
Things could turn out differently
Sometimes I wish that so intently
That I get lost within my mind
Looking for something I'll never find

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WTF - A Confused Sunbury Polity, a Jackless Macedon District Election

The Sunbury Collective Polity was about to file a missing person's report for Jack, suspected to have been last seen racing down the Calder searching for the mythical Melton Hospital with an emergency department and not much seen since except wearing a balaclava and at erstwhile law and order forums, or a formal announcement outside Hulls office which does not appear to have been covered. People are just not certain it is the same person.

Sunbury is allegedly missing Jack "Steve" Medcraft or is it Steve "Jack" Medcraft (are they the same people?), from the Battle Royal for the hotly contested Macedon District in this years state election. Although missing may not be apt as missing implies a certain amount of sentimentality, not that we actually miss him from the election campaign, miss him as in wondering WTF is the man thinking?

Aside from attending the poorly attended the Sunbury Residents Association's law and order forum (Bernie O'farrell commenting at the start that he was surprised that there were so few people for a topic as important as law and order - well important to Bernie but not to the majority of the community, and to be fair to Bernie he would not have been able to see some of the attendees nodding off to sleep). Sorry I digress. Jack has been missing locally from the papers and the Macedon campaign with the usual shenanigans and online verballing etc. Lets not forget the deceptive hoot of Che Evans and Sunbury out of Hume blog or the previous election form of the personage.

Not to fear though the mystery has been solved. Steve Medcraft (erstwhile known as JAKAS), is running as a candidate for the Victorian lower house in the Niddrie District as an independent sorry independant against Attorney-General Rob Hulls. For the educated Hulls has overseen a proactive reeform agenda for some time but not according to Mr Medcraft he is running against Rob Hulls to knock him off his perch as in Steve's words he is not doing a good enough job by not releasing addresses of criminals suppressed by the courts amongst other things, (not sure people really understand the importance to a democratic state of the courts being independent to the Government for very good friggin' reasons). It would appear though he has been caught out and not receiving the favoured treatment at Mooney Valley Leader that he is probably used to at Sunbury. Also has been seen to be stirring up the locals here and here. To be fair though Steve Medcraft has denied lying on the candidate profile, but it is just well a little mind boggling and a very important technicality.

I can imagine why many a Sunburyite is both confused and looking on with some consternation. As seen in the candidate profiles published by the Mooney Valley Leader (see picture above), we note the response to the question "Do you live in the electorate?" Ans: "I've lived in Airport West for more than 30 Years" mmm interesting not "NO" with a reasonable qualifier... May well be true that Steve Medcraft did live in Airport West for 30 years or thereabouts although the former councillor Jack Medcraft has resided in Sunbury for the past 25 years - apparently.

Wierd or what man? AM I stuck in a time continuum trap thingy? Is Jack Medcraft the doppleganger of Steve ? or is Jack a clone of Steve. This is X-files material - where did I put Mulder and Scully's phone number? Although we are fairly certain it is the same person.
This situation does provide an excellent opportunity to prevent future confusion around local elections - now we no longer need be confused between Steve Medcraft and Jack Medcraft (or JAKAS). Steve Medcraft lived in Airport West for more than 30 years and is the Person against lenient sentencing (he is the one that has been on TV don't worry he will tell you). Jack Medcraft is the former Hume City Councillor residing in Sunbury for the past 25 years. I'm not going to tell you where he lives, works, where he was seen, provide fake compromising photos or anything like that, one I don't really care, more importantly that would be extremely unprofessional, lacks integrity and just plain creepy.
Now to be a little cheeky surely this was a marvelous opportunity missed in electing Steve Medcraft to represent Niddrie and Jack Medcraft, to represent Macedon, now before you start protesting it would be a first I am sure for Victoria and ensuring at least two votes in the Victorian lower house. Debates would have been interesting and he would have recieved plently of exercise during a division.
The possibilities are immense.

Just a point of order though why are my taxes being spent on well as one reader put it on the Mooney Valley Leader a serial candidate?

Written by and authorised by Reg for mere jocularity. (that means fun Jack or Steve -whatever! I was becoming bored with the sham law and order election campaign.)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Scott Morrison MP diversity in action

The opposition spokesman inheriting policies from the likes of Kevin Andrews, Vanstone and Ruddock. Addressing a diverse range of OZ mostly white older constituents, as opposed to the diverse audiences on insight, and Q& A recently. Where are the younger and non english speaking background voters? Spot the racist - should not be hard.

Out of Africa has a New Story Line

These were sent to me by a friend cute - well at least the Poms have not sacked their Prime Minister as yet.